Share the Ride

OSU Transportation Services supports both carpooling and carshare at the OSU Corvallis Campus. Whether you are reserving a Zipcar for a trip out of town, or carpooling to class with a housemate, sharing the ride can save you money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Conveniently located at three locations around campus, Zipcar vehicles provide a cost-effective around-the-clock alternative to bringing your car to campus.

Zipcars are available to members 18 and over. Once you purchase a membership, you can reserve cars by the hour or at a daily rate. Gas, insurance, and 180 miles of driving per day are all included in the rates, which start at $7.50/hour. Additionally, membership provides access to Zipcars in more than 300 cities across the globe.

How do I sign up?

Visit to sign up for a Zipcar membership. Once Zipcar has approved your driver's record, a Zipcard will be sent to your billing address. You can then reserve Zipcars online, or download the Zipcar ap to make and change reservations on the fly with your smart phone. When you are ready to drive, use the Zipcard to unlock the vehicle!

Annual Membership Rates

  • Students, Staff, and Faculty: $15
  • Corvallis community members: $70 (plus a one-time $25 signup fee)

Where can I drive in a Zipcar?

Trips are not limited to any geographic area - you can take Zipcars anywhere the road leads you! When you complete your reservation, you must return the car to the parking spot where you started your trip.


Contact Transportation Services at or 541-737-4037

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Valley Vanpool offers vanpool service to OSU from surrounding communities.

To view current vanpools:

  1. Check out existing routes on the Valley Vanpool website.
  2. in teh menu on teh left, select the city-pair that matches your commute (ex: Eugene-Corvallis).
  3. Exact hours, pick-up and drop-off locations, pricing, and driver contact information are listed for each vanpool
  4. Contact the driver of the route you’re interested in.

If you don’t find a suitable route, and you would like to start a new vanpool from your area, contact Valley Vanpool. You will need at least 5 riders to start a new vanpool.


  • One member from each vanpool acts as leaseholder and collects monthly fees for the vendor.
  • Vendors sometimes subsidize vans in need of ridership.
  • Vanpool members are welcome to advertise and recruit more members. Valley Vanpool will help with advertising upon request.
  • Drivers, backup drivers, and leaseholders usually pay a reduced fare.
  • Canceling a lease requires a month’s notice. 


  • Save on fuel and parking
  • Reduce air pollution emissions
  • Reduce wear and tear to your personal vehicle
  • Can relax and enjoy the ride!
  • Make new friends and connections

Vanpool Parking

  • Vanpools may purchase an OSU annual carpool permit in any zone at a discount of 35%. 
  • Alternatively, if the van is not parking on campus often, a vanpool member who works at OSU and does not have an individual annual parking permit may purchase daily permits at a reduced rate ($5.00 for B/C zones and $7.00 for A zones). The daily permits can be purchased online and printed at home.  




















Benefits of Carpooling

  • Price reduction on university parking permits.
  • Access to priority parking designated for carpools.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Make connections and friendships in your carpool.

Make or Find a Carpool

  • Ask around to find two or more friends or coworkers to ride with you.
  • Look for ride share opportunities on Drive Less Connect.
  • Join an existing vanpool.

Carpool Parking

Carpool permits cost 35% less than individual annual parking permits at the OSU Corvallis campus. That reduced price is then split among 3 or more people. Recruit more riders and save more!

Purchase a Carpool Permit from Transportation Services.

Carpool Parking Savings Table

Commuter Zone

Regular/Individual Price

Carpool Price (per car)

Price per Member (3 members)

Price per Member (4 members)

Price per Member (5 members)



















Carpool Parking Map

Carpool Map

Share Rides and Get Rewards!

DLC Logo

  •  Find other OSU students, faculty, and staff to share rides! Use Drive Less Connect, a carpool matching and trip tracking system servicing Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
  •  Create an account at Drive Less Connect and join the OSU network to either create a carpool or join an existing carpool.
  •  Find biking partners to commute together for increased safety and learning new routes.
  •  Log your alternative transportation trips and see the savings and collect incentives.
  •  Participate in events and challenges with greater reward potential!
  •  Connect on Facebook.

 Trip Logger App

  •  The iCarpool TripLogger app can be used to log trips from your phone to your trip log calendar in the iCarpool-RideshareOnline platform.
  •  If you have set up a Trip Log Template, the app can also be used to confirm trips that are posted to your account based on the template.
  •  Available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.