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The Motor Pool plays an important role in Transportation Services's mission to provide faculty, staff, students with safe, sustainable, customer-focused, and fiscally sound transportation services.

The Motor Pool has over 440 vehicles in its fleet with about 300 available for short term and seasonal rentals. Sedans, vans, and trucks may be rented from the Corvallis and Eugene locations that serve Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, as well as outside agencies.

New vehicle renters, please complete a Driver Authorization form.


The Transportation Services department operates a motor pool of vans, trucks, and sedans for rent at economical rates to individuals authorized to travel on official University or other government business.   

The Motor Pool serves OSU and other government agencies with a commitment to:

  • courteous, timely, efficient, and cost effective service
  • maintaining a self-sustaining budget,
  • providing preventative maintenance and repair services in an economical and timely manner, and
  • serving each customer with exceptional customer service.

The primary vehicle dispatch location is at 3200 SW Campus Way between 30th and 35th streets in Corvallis, and a second location in Eugene serves the University of Oregon campus.

Authorized Drivers and Passengers


Authorization to drive a Motor Pool vehicle is limited to official university business as determined by the sponsoring department.

The department head, dean, or his/her designee must authorize the driving assignment via the Driver Authorization Form.

Authorization Period

  • Authorization is only valid during periods of employment or volunteerism at the University or government agency.
  • Students, volunteers and temporary employees can be authorized for a period of up to 1 year or until their driver’s license expires (whichever comes first). 
  • University and other government employees can be authorized until their driver’s license expires. 
  • Upon drivers' license renewal, a new drivers authorization form will need to submitted to the Motor Pool.

Elligible drivers must:

  1. Maintain a valid driver's license,
  2. Be at least 18 years of age or older,
  3. Have an active status as:
    1. University employee (including student and temporary employees);
    2. University students (including Students from Recognized Student Organizations);
    3. Department/Agency-authorized volunteers; or
    4. Employees of an authorized federal, state, local government agency
  4. Have an acceptable driving record, and
  5. Have a signed Driver's Authorization form on file with the motor pool office.

Suspension/Restriction of Driver’s License

  • OSU employees and volunteers who use Motor Pool vehicles must report to their department/unit supervisor any situation that may lead to their driver’s license being revoked, rescinded, suspended, or renewal being denied.
  • The driver’s supervisor must immediately forward this information to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Human Resources will notify the manager of the Motor Pool and the Office of Risk Management of the situation.
  • Failure to report such situations may result in the loss of the employee’s privilege to use Motor Pool vehicles.

Unacceptable Driving Record

A driver's record is considered unacceptable if the driver has forfeited bail or been convicted for any of the following, or reasonably similar, driving violations:

  • A single conviction, guilty plea or nolo contendere plea for operating a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants, hit and run driving, vehicular negligent injury, reckless operation of a vehicle, failing to perform the duties of a driver, criminal driving while suspended or revoked, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, or similar violation within the past 24 months.
  • Felony revocation of driving privileges or felony or misdemeanor driver license suspension in the past 24 months;
  • More than three convictions, guilty pleas and/or nolo contendere pleas for moving traffic violations in the last 12 months;
  • A careless driving conviction in the last 12 months; or
  • A Class A moving traffic infraction in the last 12 months.
  • The time periods begin at the later date of the violation, forfeiture, or conviction.

Authorization Suspension

Authorization to use a Motor Pool vehicle can be suspended by the Motor Pool, if in the best interest of the University.  Causes for suspension may include, but are not limited to:

  • Unacceptable driving record, see Acceptable Driving Record
  • Operating Motor Pool vehicles in violation of the law, including posted speed limits and other moving violations
  • Noncompliance with Motor Pool policies and procedures.
  • Physical evidence of alcoholic beverages or unlawful drugs having been in a Motor Pool vehicle
  • Operation of vehicles while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, whether or not a citation was issued or a conviction occurs
  • Damage or excessive soiling of the vehicle interior
  • Citizen’s complaint of misuse of a Motor Pool vehicle
  • Any action detrimental to the function or public image of the University
  • Three or more citations for moving violations in a year
  • Suspensions may be appealed by written request to the Director of Transportation Services. For information on how to contact the director, please call (541) 737-4141.


Authorized Passengers

  • Individuals traveling on official University, state or local government business.
  • Personnel employed by other public entities who are traveling on official public business may accompany an OSU driver if the use is for official OSU purposes.
  • Necessary chauffeurs (paid or unpaid) not currently operating the vehicle.
  • Passengers not identified in this policy are prohibited from traveling in a Motor Pool vehicle.

Non-Authorized Passengers

Examples of non-authorized passengers include: persons not on Official state or local government business (No Hitchhikers, Children, Family Members, Friends); and animals unrelated to official university or government business.

Driver Authorization Form

What You'll Need

To be eligible to rent a university vehicle, all drivers must first submit a Driver's Authorization form and meet the policies outlined under Authorized Drivers & Passengers.

To complete the form, you will need the following information:

  • OSU/UO ID Number (Leave blank for outside agencies)
  • Department/Agency Name & Address
  • Driver's License Number, State of Issue & Expiration Date


1. Click to complete the Driver Authorization Form 

2. Print a copy of the form

3. Obtain a departmental signature

4. Return the signed form to the Motor Pool

Rental Process Overview

The Motor Pool has over 230 vehicles in its fleet to meet the short term and seasonal vehicle needs of faculty, staff and students. Two locations in Corvallis and Eugene serve Oregon State University and the University of Oregon as well as outside agencies.

If you are new to the Motor Pool and have never rented vehicles before please complete a Driver Authorization form.

Making a reservation is convenient through our Online Reservation form. The two step process submits your reservation electronically and provides confirmation, reminder, and summary of trip charges by email to help keep you informed.

If you need a canopy or if there are other special considerations including making multiple requests at once, there is a comment box for you to list additional information. Our staff will work hard to fulfill your requests.

Sending your reservation requests in advance ensures better access to specialized vehicles such as 12 passenger vans and trucks. In particular, seasonal rentals for the summer research period should be communicated as early as possible to find the best vehicle fit for your activity.

If you have not previously submitted a reservation through our Online Reservation system, please feel free to stop by the Motor Pool front office for a demonstration or call us at (541) 737-4141 in Corvallis or (541) 346-2000 in Eugene.

Picking up and Returning a Vehicle

Picking Up a Vehicle

After you have submitted an Online Reservation, you will receive a Confirmation Email with the reservation number and date/time of your scheduled pick up. The business day before your pick up date the Motor Pool staff will send you a Reminder Email.

Motor Pool staff will ask to see a valid Driver’s License during the dispatch process to verify identity and authorization status. UO drivers should bring their Driver Certification Card the first time they come.

If you have not previously rented a vehicle through the Motor Pool, you will need to fill out a Driver Authorization form. Any driver wanting to rent an 8-passenger, 12-passenger or large cargo van will need to visit the Van Safety link for more information on the Van Safety video and test. If you have any questions, please call (541) 737-4141 in Corvallis or (541) 346-2000 in Eugene.

Returning a Vehicle

Vehicles may be returned 24 hours a day to the Motor Pool. When returning a vehicle, please take the following steps:

  1. On the dispatch card, record the:
    • Odometer Reading
    • Date & Time of Return
    • Comments about vehicle performance/condition
  2. Leave the dispatch card in the vehicle and lock all of the doors
  3. Drop the keys into the Key Drop

Eugene: Access the return lines and secure customer parking after hours by using the Voyager fuel card to open the security gate. It may take several card swipes at the card reader and is sometimes easier if the driver gets out of the vehicle.

Changing or Cancelling a Motor Pool reservation

Changing a reservation

If you need to make changes to a reservation, please contact the Motor Pool. Every effort will be made to accomodate your needs.

Cancelling a reservation

If your plans change and you need to cancel one or more reservations, please contact the Motor Pool please contact us as early as possible.

Late cancellations make it difficult to provide timely information to other renters seeking vehicles and may be charged the daily rental rate. 24 HR notice is appreciated.

Renter Responsibilities



University Employees: Individuals employed by Oregon State University for wages or salary which is received in a University payroll check.

Student Employees: Students employed by Oregon State University for wages or salary which is received in a University payroll check.

Officially Sanctioned Programs: Any program undertaken to further the instructional, research, or service missions of Oregon State University or designed to promote the cultural and physical development of students.  Such programs include but are not limited to Academic department programs; Co-curricular programs; Intramural, recreational sports, club sports, and intercollegiate athletic programs; Any student programs or activities identified by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs or designee. Examples of such activities include, but are not limited to student government, student housing activities, and activities sponsored by student organizations that are consistent with the university's mission.

Official State or Local Government Business: Any activity for which all or part of the expenses may be reimbursed by any unit, department, or program of Oregon State University or an authorized state or local government agency.


  • Read and comply with Motor Pool policies.
  • Ensure that all safety devices, including seat belts, are used by all of the vehicle's occupants
  • Operate vehicles in accordance with Federal, state, and local regulations, traffic laws
  • Lock the vehicle when not in use.
  • Report unsafe vehicle conditions to the Motor Pool
  • Report all accidents, license suspensions, and traffic violations to the driver's department supervisor as well as to the Motor Pool
  • Maintain the interior of the vehicle in a clean and orderly manner. Failure to do so may result in an additional cleaning fee. For a complete list of our charges and fees, see Rental Rates.
  • Driver is responsible for the payment of all fines or traffic violations associated with their Motor Pool vehicle rental. University funds may not be used for payment.
  • Return the vehicle to the Motor Pool upon completion of the trip, or notify the Motor Pool office if the vehicle cannot be returned on time.

Prohibited Uses in Motor Pool Vehicles

  • Office travel to home, except as authorized by a department when a task or trip requires a driver to depart early or return late and it is impractical to pick up or return the vehicle to state parking on the same day.
  • Personal use. Vehicles are not to be used for personal errands or other similar activities. However, a driver that is using a motor pool vehicle for official university business that coincides with a personal purpose (e.g. stopping for a meal en route) is allowed.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages or possession of alcoholic beverage containers (empty or full) is allowed in Motor Pool vehicles. The Motor Pool will deny vehicle privileges to any employee who violates these guidelines.
  • Smoking is not permitted in Motor Pool vehicles.

Personal Liability

Vehicle use contrary to OSU standards or policies is outside the definition of official university business, and is therefore not covered. Any damage or restoration costs resulting from unauthorized or illegal use of state vehicles will be the complete responsibility of the driver.

Vehicle Modifications

No modifications may be made to a Motor Pool vehicle without prior written consent from the Motor Pool.

Parking on Campus

Motor Pool vehicles (including those on permanent assignment) are allowed to park in any A, B or C zoned lot on the OSU Corvallis campus.  They cannot be parked in residential, reserved, ADA, and services spaces unless the operator has the appropriate parking permit displayed.  If parking in a metered parking space, the driver must pay the meter.



FY07-17 Fees

Vehicle Rental Rates

Current Rental Rates Daily Monthly
  Per Day Per Mile Per Month Per Mile
Medium & Hybrid Sedans $21.00 $0.20 $370 $0.20
Vans & SUV
6 Passenger $28.00 $0.28 $395 $0.28
8 or 12 Passenger $38.00 $0.30 $450 $0.30
Mini Cargo $28.00 $0.28 $395 $0.28
Full-size Cargo $38.00 $0.30 $450 $0.30
Utility Vehicle (SUV) $38.00 $0.32 $450 $0.32
Trucks (Rate includes additional features like canopy, towing, etc)
1/4 Ton (Compact) $22.00 $0.25 $310 $0.25
1/2 Ton $25.00 $0.28 $370 $0.28
3/4 Ton $28.00 $0.30 $390 $0.30
1 Ton $35.00 $0.34 $450 $0.34

*Contact the Motor Pool for occasional promotional rates.
Motor Pool rentals include fuel as part of the per mile rate. Mileage rates may be adjusted quarterly if fuel costs increase or decrease significantly (more than 5%).
Rental types modified as necessary for fleet vehicle additions/disposals.

Additional Rates & Fees

Guidance on when to rent a Motor Pool Vehicle

In order to assist departments with travel budget planning please refer to (Mileage Pairs) for a cost comparison between renting a Motor Pool vehicle and driving a personal vehicle.

Permanent Assignment

Rates for long term assignment do not exceed the monthly short term rental amount. Mileage fees may vary based on operating conditions. Applicable rates are printed on long-term checkout form or addendums.

Additional Vehicle Cleaning

Additional Cleaning Fees: $60.00/hour


"No Show" Cancellation Charges: $50.00


Both liability and physical damage insurance for accidents is included in the rental rate for University use. The physical damage coverage is subject to a $5,000 deductible that will be charged to the University department renting the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

The Motor Pool Office Manager periodically provides assistance to departments with vehicle titling and registration for department purchased vehicles. Assistance is available on a case by case basis for a flat fee of $60/vehicle.


Maintenance/Repair Rates currently $60.00/hour for Automotive Technician (not to exceed Benton County Shops for like work)
$40/hr per OSU staff person with a one hour minimum
$15/hr per student laborer (when available) with a one hour minimum
Commercial labor charges as quoted


Parts/Materials charged at cost plus markup (not to exceed 20% or Benton County Shops for like parts/materials)
Commercial parts charges as quoted


A propane forklift is available to rent by the hour for $25/hr.


Motor Pool rentals include fuel as part of the per mile rate. There are no extra or hidden costs.

For Departments that own their own vehicles and for outside agencies gasoline and propane is charged at actual cost plus $0.20/gal markup.

For more information please contact the Motor Pool Manager at or (541) 737-7086.

Accidents and Assistance

24 HR Service -- Phone: (866) 253-5671

The University Motor Pool supports drivers 24 hours a day.

If you need assistance please call the Motor Pool toll-free at (866) 253-5671. After hours and on weekends a Public Safety Dispatcher will connect you with a Motor Pool employee 24 Hrs per day to get you the help needed.

The 24 HR number is also listed on the dispatch ticket, on a business card located on the driver side visor pouch, and on an orange sticker on the driver side windshield.

In Case of a Vehicle Breakdown

As soon as possible, contact the Motor Pool.  If the vehicle cannot be operated safely, Motor Pool staff will arrange for the repair and/or removal of the vehicle.  If the vehicle can be legally and safety driven, take it directly to the OSU Motor Pool. If the vehicle cannot be operated and Motor Pool staff are not available, contact the Public Safety Office at 1-866-253-5671. 

In Case of an Accident

In the event of an accident, the employee operating the vehicle should take the following steps:

  • Stop
  • Assess the situation* and call for the police
  • Depending on the severity of the injuries, call 911. Do Not move an injured person.
  • Light and place emergency flares if necessary (found in your vehicle’s emergency kit)
  • Request that the attending officer file a written report, regardless of the extent of the damages
  • Move the vehicle only when directed to do so or if possible to avoid obstructing traffic
  • Fill out the "At Scene of Accident" form found in the orange envelope in the vehicle’s glove box.
  • Have any witnesses fill out the orange Witness Cards
  • Show the blue Certificate of Coverage (Proof of Insurance) form to the police and any other parties that may request that information
  • Report the accident, to the University Motor Pool by calling (866) 253-5671 and submit the State Self Insurance Claim form
  • Within 72 hours, fill out the DMV Accident Report form if there were any of the following: 1) injury resulting from the accident, 2) damages exceeding $1,500, or 3) if the vehicle needed to be towed


  • DO NOT debate or admit responsibility
  • DO NOT make statements to anyone except:
    • Police/Law Enforcement
    • Your Supervisor
    • University Motor Pool
    • Office of Risk Management
    • Legal Counsel

For Unattended Vehicles: Fill out the Yellow Card in the orange envelope in the vehicle’s glove box. The State of Oregon requires that you leave your name, address, driver’s license number, vehicle plate number, insurance information, and a brief description of the incident.

Van Rental Safety


Van Rental Policy 

Drivers reserving 8 or 12 passenger vans or large cargo vans are required to watch the Van Safety video and pass the Van Safety test in addition to being an authorized driver.

The Van Safety video is approximately 37 minutes in length, so please allow for at least 45 minutes to watch the video and take the test.

Students, volunteers and temporary employees need to take the Van Safety Test annually.

Taking the Test

Follow these steps to watch the Van Safety video and complete the test online:

  1. Watch the Van Safety Video (below)
  2. Take the online Van Safety Test

University of Oregon Drivers 

UO drivers may now begin completing van safety training through this website. Confirmation of certification will be emailed to the individual upon completion of the test. 

Anyone driving a vehicle on UO business must also have current valid driver’s license and a driver’s certification card. Requests for driver certification can be made to the UO Department of Parking and Transportation on-line or by calling 541-346-5444.


Motor Pool vehicles should be used accoring to Motor Pool Vehicle Use Policies.

Equipment in Vehicles

  • first aid kit
  • chains
  • certificate of insurance
  • accident reporting forms
  • A spare tire

These items are only to be used for the vehicle in which they are stored. Use of first aid kit or chains should be reported to the Motor Pool to replenish/replace the items.

Motor Pool staff can provide training on the use of chains or changing a tire.


Modifications to a Motor Pool Vehicle

No modifications may be made to a Motor Pool vehicle without prior written consent from the Motor Pool.


Fuel Summary

Fuel is included in the per mile rate for each vehicle and paid for by Motor Pool. Every vehicle checked out from the short term rental pool leaves full of gas and is not required to be filled before returning. Each vehicle has a Voyager fuel card assigned to it for when refueling is necessary on longer trips. Fuel instructions and the fuel card can be found in the driver side visor pouch. Click for the US Bank Voyager Acceptance Locator.

For vehicles that are operated on or near campus a 24-hour cardlock fuel station is available in front of the Motor Pool main office. Fuel instructions are available on the front of the pump or customers can ask for assistance during business hours.

Maintenance & Repairs

24 HR Service -- Phone: (866) 253-5671

The University Motor Pool supports drivers 24 hours a day.

If you need assistance please call the Motor Pool toll-free at (866) 253-5671. After hours and on weekends a Public Safety Dispatcher will connect you with a Motor Pool employee 24 Hrs per day to get you the help needed.

The 24 HR number is also listed on the dispatch ticket, on a business card located on the driver side visor pouch, and on an orange sticker on the driver side windshield.

Maintenance on Motor Pool Vehicles

All Motor Pool vehicle have a service sticker in the upper lefthand corner of the vehicle’s windshield with a service date and mileage listed. If your vehicle is due for service, please call the Motor Pool Shop at (541) 737-4142 or stop by the office to schedule an appointment to have the maintenance performed.

While traveling services and repairs may be performed through outside vendors. Please call the Motor Pool Shop during business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:30pm) or call us toll-free at (866) 253-5671 for authorization.

Department/Agency Owned Vehicles

The Motor Pool's maintenance and repair services are available to all department-owned and agency owned vehicles. Customers are encouraged to bring their vehicles to the Motor Pool Shop for annual inspections, regular preventative maintenance, and repairs.


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