Benefits of Carpooling

  • Price reduction on university parking permits.
  • Access to priority parking designated for carpools.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Make connections and friendships in your carpool.

Make or Find a Carpool

  • Ask around to find two or more friends or coworkers to ride with you.
  • Look for ride share opportunities on Drive Less Connect.
  • Join an existing vanpool.

Carpool Parking

Carpool permits cost 35% less than individual annual parking permits at the OSU Corvallis campus. That reduced price is then split among 3 or more people. Recruit more riders and save more!

Purchase a Carpool Permit from Transportation Services.

Carpool Parking Savings Table

Commuter Zone

Regular/Individual Price

Carpool Price (per car)

Price per Member (3 members)

Price per Member (4 members)

Price per Member (5 members)



















Carpool Parking Map

Carpool Map

Share Rides and Get Rewards!

DLC Logo

  •  Find other OSU students, faculty, and staff to share rides! Use Drive Less Connect, a carpool matching and trip tracking system servicing Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
  •  Create an account at Drive Less Connect and join the OSU network to either create a carpool or join an existing carpool.
  •  Find biking partners to commute together for increased safety and learning new routes.
  •  Log your alternative transportation trips and see the savings and collect incentives.
  •  Participate in events and challenges with greater reward potential!
  •  Connect on Facebook.

 Trip Logger App

  •  The iCarpool TripLogger app can be used to log trips from your phone to your trip log calendar in the iCarpool-RideshareOnline platform.
  •  If you have set up a Trip Log Template, the app can also be used to confirm trips that are posted to your account based on the template.
  •  Available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.