1. Check out existing routes offered by Valley Vanpool. Exact hours, locations, pricing, and driver contact information are listed under the blue links on the right.
  2. Contact the driver of the route you’re interested in.
  3. If you don’t find a suitable route, contact Valley Vanpool. Valley Vanpool will put you in touch with Enterprise and vRide vendors to discuss options. If you know of other interested riders in your area, please contact as a group.


  • One member from each vanpool acts as leaseholder and collects monthly fees for the vendor.
  • Vendors sometimes subsidize vans in need of ridership.
  • Vanpool members are welcome to advertise and recruit more members. Valley Vanpool will help with advertising upon request.
  • Drivers, backup drivers, and leaseholders usually pay a reduced fare.
  • Canceling a lease requires a month’s notice. 


  • Save on fuel and parking
  • Reduce air pollution emissions
  • Reduce wear and tear to your personal vehicle
  • Can relax and enjoy the ride!
  • Make new friends and connections

Vanpool Parking

  • Vanpools may purchase an annual carpool permit in any zone at a discount of 35%. 
  • Alternatively, if the van is not parking on campus often, a vanpool member who works at OSU and does not have an individual annual parking permit may purchase daily permits at a reduced rate ($5.00 for B/C zones and .00 for A zones). The daily permits can be purchased online and printed at home.