Update 1/4/21: Pedal Corvallis Bikeshare has permanently ceased operations in Corvallis.  Progress towards a new Corvallis Bikeshare System as well as opportunities for community input are on the OCWCOG Website

Pedal on, Beavs!

Oregon State University was a proud supporter of the Pedal Corvallis bikeshare. On-campus stations were sponsored by:

  • OSU Transportation Services
  • OSU Sustainability Office

What is Pedal Corvallis?

Pedal Corvallis was a city-wide bikeshare system with stations on campus and throughout Corvallis. With an easy-to-use app, users were able to check out and return a bike at any station in the system.

Pass Prices:

  • One Year: $25 (unlimited 2 hr rides free, $3/hr after that up to $18/ride)
  • One Month: $10 (unlimited 2 hr rides free, $3/hr after that up to $18/ride)
  • Pay as you go: $1/30 minutes, up to $18/ride

How to Sign Up

Pedal Corvallis has permanently ceased operations, and registering for the service is no longer possible. There will continue to be Pedal Corvallis bikes and stations on campus and in Corvallis until they are removed by the vendor's successor.  The remaining bikes that are locked at the stations are not available for use.  

Who operates Pedal Corvallis?

Pedal Corvallis was coordinated by Cascades West Council of Governments (OCWCOG), and was funded in part by InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO), Corvallis' local Medicare provider. Bike maintenance, operations, and customer support were provided by Zagster©, a nationwide bikeshare company that is no longer operating in any location.