Parking Operations

  • In-person citation appeals will be postponed. Appeal requests should be submitted in writing within 10 days of issuance and after payment is received. 
  • Please send all inquiries to
  • Our department staffing is reduced and working remotely. Some services will be delayed or postponed. Thanks for your patience.

We have moved

Our new office location is in the Western Building (former Foundation Building).

Motor Pool

OSU-Sponsored Travel

Until further notice, all non-essential domestic and international OSU-sponsored travel remains suspended.

How are exceptions to the travel suspension approved?

  • The Eugene motor pool office will reopen September 8, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • The Corvallis campus motor pool office is open for essential needs only, including fueling.

Please submit all reservation requests at least 24 hours in advance to allow for schedule flexibility during limited office hours. 

COVID-19 Maximum occupancy for ALL University-owned or operated vehicles

  • Sedans and SUVs: 1 driver + 1 passenger
  • Minivans: 1 driver + 2 passengers
  • 12-passenger Vans: 1 driver + 3 passengers
  • ANYTIME more than one person is in the vehicle, ALL passengers and the driver must adhere to OSU’s face covering policy.
  • Other Guidelines for Essential Travel.


Follow links to service provider sites for the most current service updates.


  • Pedal Corvallis Bikeshare has permanently ceased operations in Corvallis.
  • The Beaver Bike Rental program has been discontinued. New rental requests are no longer being collected.
  • Monthly prize drawings and prize pick-ups for ZAP Oregon State are suspended until further notice.
  • ZAP tags (new or replacement) are available at the ALI Bike Shop or at the new Transportation Services location in the Western Building.
  • Bike Lockers are available to rent. Please fill out a Bike Locker Rental Request to inquire about availability or to start a locker rental.


    Beaver Bus

    • Beaver Bus operations are suspended until further notice.


      • Pay stations, the parking garage elevators and parking meters are being wiped down twice a day.
      • We are unable to jump start vehicles, as we are unable to maintain social distance to perform this service. 


          Frequently Asked Questions

          The decision to resume normal parking operations was made to support the gradual and phased return of members of the Oregon State community to the Corvallis campus. Parking permits are key to effectively managing parking demand and availability. The reinstatement of parking permits will help us adequately administer the university’s parking supply as people return to campus in greater numbers.

          Transportation Services recently suspended the zonal parking system and parking permit requirements on campus while we assessed the parking and transportation needs of those students who would remain on campus during the spring term. We also evaluated the needs of faculty and staff in essential services positions who would remain on campus or return intermittently.

          Like all auxiliaries, we examined every reasonable opportunity to reduce operating expenses for spring term; however, we still have significant fixed costs to maintain OSU's parking facilities. Even with our efforts to conserve resources, we anticipate a severe deficit before operations return to normal.

          Additionally, Transportation Services issued parking permit credits for April, May and June to account for the unprecedented situation we were facing.

          We appreciate the understanding of the OSU community who continue to come to campus and pay for parking. We’re grateful for your efforts to fight COVID-19 and support the university community and region through this crisis. We’re in this together and Transportation Services will continue to support you and our fellow Beavers to the very best of our ability.


          Contact our office to verify the status of your refund. 

          Visit the OSU COVID-19 Response website for information about OSU resumption planning.