Reser Bike Lockers

Reser Stadium Bike Lockers

Why Bike Lockers?

Bike lockers are more secure than bike racks, especially if your bike will be locked on campus overnight. Even if you have a secure bike lock, a good bike left for several days or weeks will rarely go unnoticed. Note that many thefts may target valuable, unsecured parts such as wheels and seats rather than try to break the lock. If you have invested significantly in a good bike, it may be a wise measure to protect it accordingly. Bike lockers also protect bikes from the elements, especially during our long and rainy Oregon winters.

OSU's Bike Lockers

The Corvallis campus features bike lockers at Reser Stadium, Snell Hall, and between the Plageman Student Health Center and Kelley Engineering Center, as shown.

Lockers are available for rental for $30 per term. More information on Bike Locker rentals is available on the Parking Services page. To make a rental, visit the parking office in Adams Hall between 7:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Plageman Bike Lockers          Plageman Bike Lockers

Snell Bike Lockers          Snell Bike Lockers