To assist the Vice President of Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the formulation of policies and procedures that guide all modes of transportation and parking programs and facilities on the OSU Corvallis campus; and to provide a communication link between the users and providers of transportation programs.


  1. Solicit and evaluate feedback on transportation and parking programs from campus stakeholder and constituent groups.
  1. Promote the increased use of all available transportation modes and reduce single occupancy vehicle trips.
  1. Provide input on proposed regulations, policies, and procedures governing transportation activities.
  1. Consistent with adopted campus plans, review and comment on the design for select campus projects that pertain to transportation infrastructure such as multimodal paths, bus stops, walkways, parking, streets, and bicycle infrastructure.
  1. Review and comment on short and long-range plans related to campus transportation programs and systems.
  1. Review the effectiveness of on and off-campus transit services and comment on proposed changes to transit service.
  1. Promote safe and lawful travel behavior within the dense campus environment.
  1. Review fee structures, including parking permit and citation fees, with an objective for fees to discourage single occupancy vehicle trips, maintain fairness to customers, and provide the ability to achieve full cost recovery for operations, capital investment, and maintenance.


  • 2    Faculty Representatives
  • 2    Student Representatives
  • 1    Classified Staff Representative
  • 1    Visitor Representative - staff from the Alumni Center, Conference Services, or Admissions
  • 1    Facilities Services Representative
  • 1    Sustainability Office Representative
  • 1    Accessibility Representative
  • 1    Public Safety Representative
  • 1    University Housing and Dining Services or Athletics Representative (rotating terms)
  • 3    Ex Officio, Non-Voting:
  • Transportation Services Representative
  • Capital Planning and Development Representative
  • Local or Regional Government Transportation Representative

Selection procedures

Appointments are made by the Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO following committee nomination.  Alternates for a specific committee member may be designated and shall be nominated and appointed in the same manner as regular members. The ASOSU Executive Director of Committees shall be notified of openings for student positions on the committee, and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall be notified of openings for faculty positions.

Term of service

2 academic years. To the extent practical, terms shall be staggered to provide continuity. There is no limit on the number terms a member may be appointed to serve.

Committee Recommendations

Official committee recommendations shall be made by consensus, unless not reached within a reasonable time when they shall be made by vote of a simple majority of voting members. Ex-officio members shall be non-voting.


      1. Officers shall be full-time OSU employees elected by committee. Terms shall be concurrent with membership appointment term. (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary)
      2. Only a current, voting member having served a minimum of one academic year is eligible to be nominated and elected to the position of Chair.
      3. In the event of the resignation of the Chair, the committee may nominate and elect a replacement from its current voting members. In the event that no such nominations arise, the Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO may appoint a replacement.
      4. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall act as chair for that meeting. If both are absent, the attending voting members will select a voting member to act as chair for that meeting.


      1. Meetings convened as agenda requires, usually every other month.

      2. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by any two Committee members by giving notice to the full Committee membership at least two business days prior to the meeting.

      3. A quorum for the purpose of meeting and establishing committee recommendations requires a simple majority of the voting committee members. This can be achieved by voting members’ submitting written comments on agenda item(s) prior to the meeting if unable to attend in person.

      4. At the beginning of each meeting, the Chair shall allot a period of time for comments from the public and ex-officio members.

      5. The committee Secretary shall compile, confirm (subject to approval by the Committee), and record the committee meeting notes. The meeting notes will be made available to the public no later than three weeks following their approval by the committee.


      1. Ad-hoc sub-committees may be formed as needed by the Transportation Committee.
      1. All ad-hoc sub-committee work and recommendations shall be brought to the Transportation Committee for further discussion and final recommendations.


      1. Bylaws may be revised at any time by a two-thirds majority vote of the Committee, subject to approval by the Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO.
      1. Bylaws shall be reviewed at the conclusion of each academic year.