Issued parking citations must be paid by check or online within 10 days of the citation date to avoid late fees. Online payments are recorded immediately. Check payments are recorded the day they are received in the mail. Citations outstanding for more than 30 days may be subject to collections.

Fines are payable online or by mail to:
Transportation Services
Oregon State University
850 SW 35th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

If you have received a notice of a citation for a vehicle that you no longer own, please contact Transportation Services.

Immobilization devices (boots) will be released from the vehicle within 72 hours (excluding holidays) of receipt of payment.

Citation Fine Schedule

Effective OCTOBER 2, 2019

Citations are issued under the authority of Oregon Revised Statute 352.087(1), and OSU Standards 580-040-025 and 07-025

Paid Within 10 days Paid after 10 days
5.2.2.a Parked Without a Valid Permit $30 $40
5.2.9 Counterfeit/Altered/Defacing/Misuse/Lost/Stolen Permit $300 $300
5.3.4.a Parked in posted No Parking Area $30 $40
5.3.7.a Parked over Metered Time Limit $30 $40
5.3.8 Unauthorized Parking in ADA space $400 $400
5.3.9 Non-EV vehicle in EV Space $30 $40
5.3.4.b Parked in Area not Designated as Parking Area (lawn, sidewalk, other) $30 $40
5.3.6.a Parked Over Time Limit ( Posted Time Limits, e.g. Load Zones) $30 $40
5.3.13 Parked in Posted Fire Lane $30 $40
5.2.6.a Only One Vehicle Permitted on Campus at a Time $30 $40
5.3.5 Parked in More than One Space $30 $40
5.3.12 Parked in a Restricted Area $30 $40
5.3.11 Full Size Vehicle in Compact Space $30 $40
5.3.15 Scofflaw Warning - Warning Issued with Second Outstanding Citation - -
5.1.8.d Suspend Notice - Vehicle banned from Campus Until Outstanding Fines Paid - -
5.3.15.a Immobilization (boot) for Three or More Outstanding Citations $75 $75
5.3.10.a Motorcycle in Vehicle Space Prohibited $30 $40
5.3.10.b Vehicle not Authorized for Motorcycle Area $30 $40

(Fine schedule prior to July 1, 2019)