Citations may be appealed within 10 days of citation issuance. If the appeal is not received within 10 days, the appeal will not be reviewed, and the fine must be paid. Citations outstanding for more than 30 days may be subject to collections.

Appealed citations are placed on “hold” during the review and decision process. Once a decision is made, communication will be sent via email, if on file, or by regular mail. If the decision is to uphold or reduce the citation, you then have 10 days to pay the outstanding amount. Failure to pay the citation may result in additional penalties.

Per University Standard 07-025 Section 5.7.7.c, the decision of the appeal is final.


The following reasons are NOT grounds to appeal a citation.

  • Lack of knowledge of regulations, for example, new to campus or have not read regulations
  • Entered license plate incorrectly
  • Other vehicles were also parked improperly
  • Late to class or appointment
  • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine(s)
  • Lack of space
  • Did not read or misunderstood signs
  • Parking only for short period of time
  • Parked in an ADA parking area without valid DMV placard
  • Lost citation
  • Forgetfulness

You may appeal a citation for situations other than those listed above. It is the appellant's responsibility to provide any evidence to support their appeal.

If you have received a notice of a citation for a vehicle that you no longer own, please contact Transportation Services.