Coming Soon! Virtual Permits Fall 2020

Effective May 2019, Transportation Services will be testing license plate recognition (LPR) technology on the Corvallis campus in preparation for the move to virtual parking permits in Fall Term 2020.

What are Virtual Permits?

Virtual permits rely on license plate recognition technology, which is a system of cameras and accompanying software placed in Transportation Services’ vehicles to scan license plates. Rather than displaying a physical permit, a virtual permit will be associated with license plates on the customer account. Multiple vehicles can be attached to a permit, as long as only one vehicle is parked on campus at a time.

Why Virtual Permits:

You spoke - we listened. We are adjusting our business operations to meet the current demands of our campus population, provide better customer service, and move towards more sustainable practices.

Customer Benefits:
  • No decal permit to lose, forget, or move from vehicle to vehicle.
  • A simplified and streamlined renewal process - no extra trips to pick up permit, no concerns with lost/stolen mail, no waiting in line, and no extended processing time.
  • Reduces waste.

But we aren't there yet:

We need your help to maintain your account. Log on to your Transportation Services account or contact our office to verify and update your vehicle information.

You will still need to display your parking permit until virtual permits are live in Fall 2020.

Update my Vehicle Information