Waitlists are available for sold out commuter and resident zones. Waitlists reset every year and waitlist placement does not carry over year to year.

If you were on a waitlist in the past, but were not notified of an available permit, you may purchase the zone of your choice during general permit sales, subject to availability.  

Adding yourself to a Waitlist

You can add yourself to a waitlist for a sold out zone by visiting the Permit Sales website, and selecting your desired zone. If the zone is sold out, then you will be able to select the corresponding waitlist. Alternatively, you may contact Transportation Services at parking@oregonstate.edu, by calling 541-737-2583, or by visiting our office located on the main floor of Adams Hall.

Release of Permits

Permits are released as they become available in each zone, and are issued in the order that the waitlist requests are received. Permits can become available as current permit holders return their permits, or if utilization data (taken every other week) shows that the zone can support the release of additional permits.

We will notify you via email, with an offer letter attached, if a permit in your zone of choice becomes available and you are next on the waitlist. If you are notified, you will have three business days to respond by visiting Transportation Services in Adams Hall to purchase the permit or purchasing online. After three business days, and no response to the letter, you will be removed from the waitlist.