(1) Bicycles must be operated in a safe manner and be equipped in accordance with applicable state laws and city ordinances. Bicyclists shall maintain a safe speed and shall obey all applicable Signage and state, city, and campus laws and regulations regarding bicycle use.

(2) Bicycles must be equipped with a brake that enables the operator to make the braked wheels skid on dry, level, clean pavement.

(3) A bicycle or its rider must be equipped with lighting equipment that must be used during hours of darkness and during limited visibility conditions. The lighting equipment required includes:

(a) A white light attached to the front of the bicycle, visible from a distance of at least 500 feet; and

(b) A red reflector or lighting device or material attached to the rear of the bicycle, visible from a distance of at least 600 feet.

(4) Bicycles must not be operated on sidewalks or other walkways unless Signage indicates otherwise.

(5) Bicyclists involved in collisions shall call the Department of Public Safety for assistance. All involved individuals shall remain at the collision site until released by the attending officer. When a collision results in an injury, a written accident report must be submitted to OSU’s Department of Public Safety by the individuals involved.

(6) Bicycles may be parked, stored, or left on campus only in areas so designated by bicycle racks, Signage or storage. All bicycles, regardless of owner, must be maintained in working order while parked on campus. Bicycles parked at bicycle racks at or near academic or research buildings longer than five days will be considered abandoned and will be impounded.

(7) Bicycles users may be cited for:

(a) Improper or unsafe operation of a bicycle including failing to obey a traffic control device, having more persons on a bicycle than it is designed to hold, riding encumbered, and riding faster than the posted speed limit;

(b) Use of improper or inadequate equipment including no bicycle headlight, no rear reflector or lighting device, and no bicycle helmet for riders under 16 years of age;

(c) Being parked in a way that creates a hazard including blocking the bicycle or traffic lane, blocking access to any stairway, ramp or doorway, and blocking access to any handrail or other device used to aid entry to a building or structure;

(d) Being parked in a way that hinders the use of a bicycle parking device by other bicyclists;

(e) Being parked in buildings except in designated bike rooms;

(f) Any other violations of these regulations or applicable state law and city ordinances.

(8) The fine for any such citation is set out in OSU’s List of Fees and Charges, pursuant to OAR 576-010-0000. Campus citations may be appealed by written statement to the appropriate forum.

(9) Bicycles may be impounded by OSU’s Department of Public Safety if they are left in a place that creates a safety hazard or if they appear to be non functional or abandoned. A notice of impoundment will be sent to the registered bike owner, if known, within 24 hours. Bicycles may be claimed from OSU’s Department of Public Safety by identifying the bicycle and paying the citation fine and impoundment fee to TAPS. OSU’s Department of Public Safety will not be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of a securing device damaged when removing and impounding a bicycle.

(10) All bicycles that are operated, parked, or stored on campus by students, staff, or faculty may be registered with OSU’s Department of Public Safety.

(11) Registrants and owners are responsible for parking violations involving their bicycles on campus.

(12) Bike lockers are available for rent on an annual or term basis at fees established in OSU’s List of Fees and Charges, pursuant to OAR 576-010-0000

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