How to Lock Your Bike

Register Your Bike with Project 529

Bike Lockers


How to Lock Your Bike

Lock Up Your Bike

It's best to:

  • Lock frame and wheels together as shown
  • Take your lights and helmet with you
  • Avoid leaving your bike away from home overnight. If you absolutely must, try to:
    • Choose a large and secure rack that's visible from a major street
    • Avoid dark and concealed locations
    • Remove the seat and take it with you, especially if it's a quick-release mechanism

Watch this video to learn more about locking your bike.


Register Your Bike with Project 529

529 App Download It's not required to register your bike at OSU, but it's a good idea. Registering your bike makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to return it to you if it's stolen. Both OSU's Department of Public Safety and the Corvallis Police Department use Project 529, a national online bike registration, reporting, and recovery site.

Start by registering your bike for free at or by downloading the app. Then visit the Department of Public Safety at Cascade Hall to pick up your free non-removeable sticker.

When you register your bike, it's best if you know your bike's serial number. Read more about how to find your bike's serial number.


Bike Lockers

Why Bike Lockers?

Bike lockers are more secure than bike racks, especially if your bike will be locked on campus overnight. Lockers protect both your bike and any unsecured parts such as the wheels and seat. Bike lockers also protect bikes from the elements.

Locker Locations at the Corvallis Campus

Reser Stadium Bike Lockers

Kelley Engineering Center Bike Lockers

Snell Hall Bike Lockers

Bike lockers are available for rent at Reser Stadium, Snell Hall, and the Kelley Engineering Center.

2018/2019 Locker Rates
Kelley Engineering Center $30/term
Snell Hall $30/term
Reser Stadium $20/term

To rent a locker, visit the Transportation Services office in Adams Hall between 7:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.