Spring Bike Challenge 2019

The Spring Bike Challenge runs from May 1-31.  Register your team using this form by Friday, May 17.   Recruit your friends, classmates, and co-workers!

Here are the rules:
  1. Register a team.
  2. All team members need to be registered ZAP participants (that’s how we keep track of scores).
  3. Team minimum: 4 members
  4. Team maximum: 10 members 
  5. If you add a team member who has already collected ZAPs in May, all of their May ZAPs will count toward your team score.
  6. If you already have a team set up in ZAP, you are all set to participate in the Spring Bike Challenge.
  7. You only get 1 ZAP each day, so ride rain or shine (even on weekends!). Every day is a good day to earn a ZAP for your team.
  8. Email Transportation@oregonstate.edu if you want to make adjustments to an existing team roster.  
Prizes will be awarded for:
  1. Highest team ZAP total (1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes)
  2. Small team prize - highest team ZAP total from teams of 4-6 people
  3. Best bike commute photo - send us an image of something inspiring, unique, or creative.  Keep your camera handy so you can capture a beautiful view, a comfortable bike lane, a cool DIY system for keeping your bike gear organized or something else that is meaningful during your commute.  Photo submissions will be displayed in a slide show at Spring Bike Challenge Award Reception.  Send submissions by email to transportation@oregonstate.edu.

First and Second Place: Topeak Mini-Morph pump (for each person on winning teams)

Third Place and Small Team prizes: Custom printed Klean Kanteen water bottle

Best bike commute photo: Sparrow or Owl water bottle cage from Portland Design Works


  1. The more people you have on your team, the better (up to 10 people).  Winning teams will be based on the overall total of ZAP’s collected and not a team average.  More people = more ZAPs for your team.
  2. Encourage each other – it really makes a difference on those chilly, damp mornings when your team is counting on you to get ZAPped that day.  
  3. Help people who want to bike, and need a little nudge in that direction - building up our bike commuting community is the main goal of the challenge.
  4. Pick a rival team and enjoy watching things play out on the leaderboards.  You may find that a team of 4 is plenty for now, and you’ll have fun competing against a team that is a similar size.
  5. In the event of a tie in team ZAPs, the team with the higher "inspirational" score wins (1 point for every “sometimes” rider, and 2 points for every “never” rider on that team).  
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