Space-out-of-service fees are charged whenever parking spaces are removed from the parking inventory that are normally available. Fees are only charged for days when permit requirements are in effect, and the daily rate fees are not required for weekends or holidays, however the lot set up fee still applies.

Space-out-of-service requests should be made at least seven (7) business days prior to the closure.

Request a Space-Out-Of-Service



  • There is a $31/lot set up fee for all space closures, in addition to the applicable per space fees.

A Zones

  • $6/day
  • Prorated to monthly rate at $52/month after eight (8) business days

B Zones (or R Zone)

  • $4/day
  • Prorated to monthly rate at $35/month after eight (8) business days

C Zone 

  • $4/day
  • Prorated to monthly rate at $11/month after two (2) business days


Construction Projects

Construction projects which require the closure of parking spaces for any reason (including lay-down yards) must coordinate the closure with the Transportation Services.

Events/Other Projects

Events and small projects that displace parking spaces are also subject to space-out-of-service fees. For events utilizing campus grounds, please complete a Campus Grounds Use Request form. For all other requests, please contact Tanya Andersson.