Connect with a Vanpool

If you are commuting to OSU from the Newport, Salem, Eugene, Portland, Lebanon areas, vanpooling could significantly reduce your costs and offer a convenient break from driving alone.  

You can find current Valley Vanpool offerings by registering for Get There.  You will be prompted to put in your starting and ending address to view your options.  From the map page you can view current vanpool information from your area, and begin communicating directly with the coordinators of existing vanpools. 

If you discover that no vanpools are active in your area, please contact Valley Vanpool to tell them that you are interested in joining or forming one.  

Vanpool Parking

Branded vanpool vehicles may purchase an Annual Vanpool permit that allows the van to park in any A, B, or C zone for $50/year.

If you occasionally need to drive your personal vehicle to campus, you can purchase Daily permits online ($4 for B/C zones and $6 for A zones).

How Vanpools Work

The vanpool coordinator acts as leaseholder and collects monthly fees from members. There are usually one or two main drivers for the vanpool, and often the vanpools members will agree to a reduced fare for the coordinator and drivers.  

Filling vacant seats, or starting a new vanpool can be challenging.  Sometimes there are vendor subsidies for temporary vacancies.  You are welcome to advertise and recruit more members for your vanpool. Transportation Services and Valley Vanpool would be happy to help with recruiting as well.