Valley Vanpool offers vanpool service to OSU from surrounding communities.

To view current vanpools:

  1. Check out existing routes on the Valley Vanpool website.
  2. In the menu on the left, select the city-pair that matches your commute (ex: Eugene-Corvallis).
  3. Exact hours, pick-up and drop-off locations, pricing, and driver contact information are listed for each vanpool
  4. Contact the driver of the route you’re interested in.

If you don’t find a suitable route, and you would like to start a new vanpool from your area, contact Valley Vanpool. You will need at least 5 riders to start a new vanpool.

      Vanpool Parking

      • Branded vanpool vehicles may purchase a parking permit that allows the van to park in any zone for $50/year.
      • Vanpool members who work at OSU and occasionally need to drive their personal vehicles to campus may purchase Daily permits online ($4 for B/C zones and $6 for A zones).


      • One member from each vanpool acts as leaseholder and collects monthly fees for the vendor.
      • Vendors sometimes subsidize vans in need of ridership.
      • Vanpool members are welcome to advertise and recruit more members. Valley Vanpool will help with advertising upon request.
      • Drivers, backup drivers, and leaseholders usually pay a reduced fare.
      • Canceling a lease requires a month’s notice. 


      • Save on fuel and parking
      • Reduce air pollution emissions
      • Reduce wear and tear to your personal vehicle
      • Can relax and enjoy the ride!
      • Make new friends and connections