Van Rental Policy 

Drivers reserving 12 passenger vans are required to watch the Van Safety video and pass the Van Safety test in addition to being an authorized driver.

The Van Safety video is approximately 35 minutes in length, so please allow for at least 45 minutes to watch the video and take the test.

Students, volunteers and temporary employees need to take the Van Safety Test annually.

Taking the Test 

Follow these steps to watch the Van Safety video and complete the test online:

  1. Watch the Van Safety Video 
    • A captioned video is available here and the content starts at 1:08.
    • Additionally, this content will be made available in an accessible alternative format upon request. Please contact Motor Pool, Justin Fleming, 541-737-4141 or email .
  2. Take the online Van Safety Test

University of Oregon Drivers 

University of Oregon (UO) drivers may now begin completing van safety training through this website. Confirmation of certification will be emailed to the individual upon completion of the test. 

Anyone driving a vehicle on UO business must also have current valid driver’s license and a driver’s certification. Requests for driver certification can be made to the UO Department of Parking and Transportation on-line or by calling 541-346-5444.