24 HR Service -- Phone: (866) 253-5671

The University Motor Pool supports drivers 24 hours a day.

If you need assistance please call the Motor Pool toll-free at (866) 253-5671. After hours and on weekends a Public Safety Dispatcher will connect you with a Motor Pool employee 24 Hrs per day to get you the help needed.

The 24 HR number is also listed on the dispatch ticket, on a business card located on the driver side visor pouch, and on an orange sticker on the driver side windshield.

In Case of a Vehicle Breakdown

As soon as possible, contact the Motor Pool.  If the vehicle cannot be operated safely, Motor Pool staff will arrange for the repair and/or removal of the vehicle.  If the vehicle can be legally and safety driven, take it directly to the OSU Motor Pool. If the vehicle cannot be operated and Motor Pool staff are not available, contact the Public Safety Office at 1-866-253-5671. 

In Case of an Accident

In the event of an accident, the employee operating the vehicle should take the following steps:

  • Stop
  • Assess the situation* and call for the police
  • Depending on the severity of the injuries, call 911. Do Not move an injured person.
  • Light and place emergency flares if necessary (found in your vehicle’s emergency kit)
  • Request that the attending officer file a written report, regardless of the extent of the damages
  • Move the vehicle only when directed to do so or if possible to avoid obstructing traffic
  • Fill out the "At Scene of Accident" form found in the orange envelope in the vehicle’s glove box.
  • Have any witnesses fill out the orange Witness Cards
  • Show the blue Certificate of Coverage (Proof of Insurance) form to the police and any other parties that may request that information
  • Report the accident, to the University Motor Pool by calling (866) 253-5671 and submit the State Self Insurance Claim form
  • Within 72 hours, fill out the DMV Accident Report form if there were any of the following: 1) injury resulting from the accident, 2) damages exceeding $1,500, or 3) if the vehicle needed to be towed


  • DO NOT debate or admit responsibility
  • DO NOT make statements to anyone except:
    • Police/Law Enforcement
    • Your Supervisor
    • University Motor Pool
    • Office of Risk Management
    • Legal Counsel

For Unattended Vehicles: Fill out the Yellow Card in the orange envelope in the vehicle’s glove box. The State of Oregon requires that you leave your name, address, driver’s license number, vehicle plate number, insurance information, and a brief description of the incident.