Fall 2022 Bike Events at OSU

Fall Bike Challenge, October 1-31, 2022: Form a team to participate in this friendly month-long bike challenge.  Enjoy beautiful fall weather, OSU's bike friendly campus and encouraging moments with your classmates and coworkers.  You can read more details, or fill out a new team form to jump in.  

Pedal and Scoot Poker Ride, October 3, 2022 starts at 4 P.M.

Fall Bike Sale, Date and Location TBA

Be Bright Light Giveaway. TBA in early November. Transportation Services hands out hundreds of sets of bike lights each Fall in partnership with the City of Corvallis, OSU Public Safety, and the School of Civil and Construction Engineering.  This annual light giveaway event is a practical way to educate people about the importance of using bike lights when riding in limited visibility conditions.

*Please check back for more Fall term bike events.  This list will be updated as we add social rides and activities.