Vehicle Rental Rates

Effective January 1, 2023 the following rates apply to renting University Vehicles:

Rental Rates Effective January 1, 2023 Per Day Per Month Per Mile
Compact  $25 $350 $0.23
Mid-Size Sedans $28 $392 $0.23
Vans & SUV  
6 Passenger $35 $490 $0.33
12 Passenger $45 $630 $0.36
Mini Cargo $35 $490 $0.33
Full-size Cargo $45 $630 $0.36
Small SUV $35 $490 $0.23
Trucks (Rate includes additional features like canopy, towing, etc)  
1/4 Ton (Compact) $32 $448 $0.32
1/2 Ton $38 $532 $0.35
3/4 Ton $42 $588 $0.44
1 Ton $45 $630 $0.46

Motor Pool rentals include fuel as part of the per mile rate. Mileage rates may be adjusted quarterly if fuel costs increase or decrease significantly (more than 5%).
Rental types modified as necessary for fleet vehicle additions/disposals.

Additional Rates & Fees

Motor Pool Rental Value

For travel budget planning, please refer to Mileage Pairs for a cost comparison between renting a Motor Pool vehicle and driving a personal vehicle.

Service Levels

Motor Pool offers two other service levels to any department that wants professional assistance with their vehicle ownership, management and maintenance. 

Permanently Assigned Vehicles

Rates for long term assignment do not exceed the monthly short term rental amount. Mileage fees may vary based on operating conditions. Applicable rates are printed on long-term checkout form or addendums.

Additional Vehicle Cleaning

Additional Cleaning Fees: $60/hour


"No Show" Cancellation Charge: $50


Both liability and physical damage insurance for accidents is included in the rental rate for internal Oregon State University use. The physical damage coverage is subject to a $5,000 deductible that will be charged to the University department renting the vehicle. External agencies and partners should consult their individual organizations to understand insurance requirements.

Vehicle Registration

The Motor Pool periodically provides assistance to departments with vehicle titling and registration for department purchased vehicles. Assistance is available on a case by case basis for a flat fee of $60/vehicle.


Maintenance/Repair Rates currently $60.00/hour for Automotive Technician (not to exceed Benton County Shops for like work)
$40/hr per OSU staff person with a one hour minimum
$15/hr per student laborer (when available) with a one hour minimum
Commercial labor charges as quoted


Parts/Materials charged at cost plus markup (not to exceed 20% or Benton County Shops for like parts/materials)
Commercial parts charges as quoted


A propane forklift is available to rent by the hour for $25/hr.


Motor Pool rentals include fuel as part of the per mile rate. The mileage rate is calculated using average cost of fuel and fuel economy by vehicle type and is intended to cover a range of fuel prices around the central average. Because of regional fuel price differences and high cost locations some transactions will fall outside this range and exceed the cost allowance of the mileage rate. In these cases it may be necessary for Motor Pool to add a surcharge to the rental to avoid losses.

For Departments that own their own vehicles and for outside agencies gasoline and propane is charged at actual cost plus $0.20/gal markup.

For more information please contact us at or (541) 737-4141.