Level One - Full Service Vehicle Rental

Provides vehicle procurement and replacement management, maintenance, repairs, insurance, parking on the OSU campus, fuel, vehicle reservations and 24-hour road side assistance. These services are bundled into predictable daily, monthly and mileage rates.

Level Two - Vehicle Acquisition, Management and Replacement

Motor Pool purchases the vehicle, and provides ongoing vehicle management services. Further details on this service are provided under the table below. This level costs $50/month plus the lease fee during the useful life of the vehicle.



Level Three - Vehicle Management

Motor Pool provides centralized management of maintenance, repairs, fueling and roadside assistance, but not procurement, replacement costs and insurance premiums as in Service Level Two. This is a good option for fully depreciated department-owned vehicles or vehicles operated but not owned by OSU. This level costs $30/month.


Level Three
Vehicle Management

Level Two
Vehicle Acquisition, Management and Replacement

Level One 
Full Service Vehicle Rental 

Two oil changes per year ✔   ✔   ✔  
24-hr roadside assistance ✔   ✔   ✔  
Fuel card set up & management  ✔   ✔   ✔  
Advice, coordination, and scheduling of repairs, including invoice management
Scheduling and record keeping of preventative maintenance and repairs

(repair costs not included)

(repair costs not included)
Asset procurement, title and registration  
Replacement planning and savings mechanism  
Auto insurance premiums and accident assistance  
Warranty and recall management  
Daily or monthly rentals    
Full maintenance and repairs (tires, wipers, etc.)    
Vehicle accessories (chains, collapsible bikes, first aid kits, etc.)     


Service Level Details

Service Level Two provides asset procurement and replacement management paired with ongoing vehicle management services. This is a good choice for departments needing to acquire vehicles that are not available in the rental pool (Level One).

  • The initial capital is transferred to Motor Pool who completes the vehicle acquisition, outfitting and all onboarding tasks.
  • A lease fee is developed and charged to the unit to recover the purchase price of the vehicle and all allowable costs of placing the vehicle into service. The lease fee is set at the monthly depreciation amount according to asset type, and an activity code is used to track payments for transfer to reserve.
  • At the end of the accounting useful life, the unit will have the option to replace the existing vehicle or postpone to a future time. The surplus/disposition of the vehicle will be handled as needed under the professional guidance of the Motor Pool.
  • If a department wants to enroll an existing asset that has remaining useful life into Service Level Two, they can transfer the asset and recover its remaining useful life in reserves through the lease fee to offset future replacement costs.
  • If the unit were unfunded or replacement is not desired, the total of the reserve amount for the vehicle shall be returned to the unit. In this circumstance, the Motor Pool would be given the opportunity to buy the remainder of the useful life of the vehicle or the vehicle will be transferred to the unit out of the service center fund.