2021-2022 Parking permits for departments are available for sale at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, August 24, 2021. Log into your department account online to purchase permits with an index (directions below). 

Departments can purchase parking permits with an index to facilitate university business and guests.

Virtual Permits

Parking permits on the Corvallis campus are virtual! The process to purchase a department permits has changed. Please review the instructions below or contact our office for more information.

Daily Permits

Daily permits for department guests and service permits for contractors can be paid for with an index.

Guest Permits

Inviting a guest speaker? Hosting an event? Send an email invitation to your guests to claim a virtual parking permit. Choose to pay via index or have your guests purchase the permit through the invitation.

Permits for Contractors

Contractors should park in a commuter space unless the nature of their work requires the use of their vehicle and close access to the building.

Purchase Daily Permits with an Index*

*OSU Affiliates must log in to purchase a permit with an index. You will not be logged in automatically. First time? Detailed instructions below. 

Space Out of Service

Space-out-of-service fees are charged whenever parking spaces are removed from the parking inventory that are normally available. Special events and small projects that displace parking spaces are also subject to space-out-of-service fees.

Request a Space-out-of-Service

Permits for University Vehicles

Permits purchased via index are not to be used for personally-owned vehicles per university policy. Permits may be assigned to university vehicles only.

A, B, or C Zone Permits

Annual commuter A, B, or C zone permits can be purchased with an index for university vehicles. Vehicle ownership will be verified before the permit becomes active. Permits are subject to availability. Annual permits are not available for personal vehicles. 

How to Input a University Vehicle License Plate

Department 3-Hour Permits

This permit allows faculty or staff to park outside of their zone or Service spaces for up to three (3) hours. Permits are to be shared among employees within a department and limited to three (3) per department. Learn more about Department 3-hour permits.

Service and Utility Cart Permits

Service parking spaces are for university vehicles performing on-campus services. University-owned utility carts are required to display an utility cart permit while parked in a campus parking space.

Purchase Permits for University Vehicles

How to Purchase Permits with an Index

Download the following documents if you need help purchasing permits for your department. Contact our office if you have additional questions.

How to Log in to purchase Permits

Purchasing with an index must be done by logging into your department accounts.

How to Log in to Purchase Permits

What is my Department Org Code?

To log in, you will need to know your college or division-level ORG code. The system uses college or division-level ORG codes to consolidate the number of departments on campus.

List of Departments - Arranged Alphabetically

List of Departments - Arranged by ORG Code

How to Send a Guest Permit Invitation

Learn how to send an email invitation to your guests or contractors/vendors to claim a virtual parking permit.

How to Send a Guest Permit Invitation

How to Purchase Permits for University Vehicles

Learn how to purchase permits for university vehicles.

How to Purchase Permits for University Vehicles