Service Permits

Service Spaces

Service parking spaces are for University-owned vehicles performing on-campus services (e.g., Housing & Dining, Facilities Services). Vehicles parked in Service spaces must display a service permit.

Annual service permits are only sold to internal OSU departments. Daily and monthly service permits are sold for use in university vehicles and a limited number of contract work vehicles when the work requires regular, immediate access to their vehicle.

Transportation Services staff will determine eligibility to purchase service permits, which are available for purchase in the Transportation Services office.

Loading Zones

Alternatively, loading zones are available throughout campus where vehicles may park without a permit for up to 30 minutes while loading or unloading.

Utility Cart Permits

Utility carts are defined as vehicles that have three or more wheels in contact with the ground, an unloaded weight of less than 1,300 pounds, and a maximum speed of no more than 15 miles per hour.

Utility carts are subject to Section 211 of the Safety Manual, and Standard No. 07-025.

Parking university-owned utility carts in campus parking spaces requires a utility car permit.

Operation and parking of private utility carts on campus is prohibited.

Request a Service Vehicle or Utility Cart Permit