Advantages to Carpooling

  • Get access to priority carpool parking spaces
  • Reduce CO2 emissionsGreen Option
  • Make new friends

How to Create a Carpool at Oregon State University

  • Two or more people are needed to form a carpool. Max of 5 members.
  • Ask around to find two or more friends or coworkers to ride with you.
  • Join a Vanpool. Valley Vanpool offers many routes throughout the Willamette Valley.

Carpool Parking Rates

The cost of a carpool permit is evenly divided between the number of Carpool members. The more members in your carpool, the less each member has to pay! Carpool permits are not eligible for Payroll Deduction.

Commuter Zones Regular Permit Price 2 Carpool Members 3 Carpool Members
A $522 $261 per person $174 per person
B $351 $175.50 per person $117 per person
C $108 $54 per person $36 per person

Recruit more riders, pay less!

Carpool permits follow the Zonal Parking system, which has a park down feature. For example, if you have an A1 carpool permit, you can park anywhere in an A1 zone as well as B or C zones. 

Carpool Space Map Carpool Space Map

2018-19 OSU Parking Map

Vanpool Parking

Vanpools may purchase an annual carpool permit in any zone

Alternatively, if the van is not parking on campus often, a vanpool member who works at OSU and does not have an individual annual parking permit may purchase daily permits at a reduced rate ($5 for B/C zones and $7 for A zones). The Infrequent Driver Daily permits can be purchased online and printed at home.