ZAP Oregon State FAQ

ZAP Oregon State is a biking rewards program for members of the university community who ride on OSU’s Corvallis campus. 

Anyone with an OSU ID card can join. Riders include students, employees, courtesy faculty, and associates. Learn more.  

No. ZAP is free. 

Bring your bike to a tagging site. Click the site names for hours. 

Ask the staff to install your ZAP tag. Then make a ZAP rider profile and register your tag number at  

Bike commuting saves you money, cuts pollution, burns calories and lets you skip the hassles of car commuting. Bike commuting with ZAP has even more benefits. ZAP riders build a sense of belonging. They get timely biking information and automatic tracking of their bike commute stats. And they can even find opportunities to encourage others to bike. ZAP riders may also win bike gear and goodies in monthly drawings and seasonal challenges. 

A tamper-proof RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag attaches to the front bike wheel. When the bike travels within 20-30 feet of a campus ZAP station, the trip registers to the rider’s profile. 

Yes, there is no limit on the number of tags/bikes you can have on your profile. Visit a tagging site or event to get an additional tag installed for each bike you ride. Then email the new tag number to [email protected]. Transportation Services staff can add the tag to your profile. 

Check out this map of ZAP stations on campus. Stations are placed to count inbound rides.  

You can collect one ZAP per day.  Each time you ride by a ZAP station, the station beeps as it scans your ZAP tag. The first one counts as your ZAP, and the rest will be recorded as “scans” that you can view in “My Reports”. Your ZAPs count towards monthly totals for prize drawings. Ride at least ten days each month (every other weekday or more) to be eligible to win. 

You can log into your ZAP profile at any time to view your ride calendar and check the leaderboards. For more in-depth data, check out the “My Reports” tab. 

If you have won, you will receive an email inviting you to pick up your prize. Prizes are available to pick up for one month. Check your email inbox filters to make sure that messages from us are not lost in the “Promotions” “Spam” or “Trash” folders. 

Contact Transportation Services at or call 541-737-4037. We can add the ZAP to your profile. If you let us know which station it was, we will check to make sure it is working. 

No, tags stop working if the two pieces are separated. Please visit a tagging site to get a new tag. Ask Transportation Services staff to register new tags after your first tag is in the system. 

We are sorry that happened. ZAP tags do not send real-time location data except when a station scans them, so they can't show your bike's current location. Give your ZAP tag number when you report the theft. If your bike is recovered, the tag number could help law enforcement officials to identify your bike and return it to you. If you haven't yet, please take time to register your bike with Project 529. This free bike registration service can help Public Safety return stolen bikes. 

Commute data of individual ZAP riders is used for the ZAP rewards program. ZAP data, not including the identities of riders, is shared with the City of Corvallis. The City uses it to inform bicycle infrastructure planning. Trends and lessons from the data may also be shared in academic or professional settings. Transportation Services adheres to OSU’s standards for privacy and ethical data handling. 

The Moore Family Center at OSU hosts Walktober, a 31-day health promotion challenge. The statewide program, Get There, offers the Get There Challenge.  

Your individual experience is important to us. You can start the conversation by sending an email to [email protected].