May is Bike Month, and OSU's Spring Bike Challenge runs from May 1-31. 

All biking skill levels are welcome!  Form a team of friends, co-workers or classmates and ride your bikes to win.  

Spring Bike Challenge Results

Place Team Name ZAPs in May
1 Krebs Cyclers 215
2 ZAP Krakens 190
3 Justice for Gerlach 170
4 ZAPpleSeeds 121
5 Too Poor for Parking 120
6 Built to Last 106
7 Lacewings 100
8 INTOnation 80
9 Bean n Cheese Burritos 76
10 Random Acts of Bikeness 71
11 LibRiders 66
12 Bennie and the Jets 64
13 ITE 58
14 Killer BEEs 54
15 Microbiology 54
16 Linus Pauling Institute 50
17 Soil Nerds 50
18 Calvin Cyclers 43
19 S.M.B.C. (Saman Mao Bicycle Club) 39
20 Phish on a Bicycle 37
21 School of Language, Culture and Society 32
22 The Re-Cyclers 30
23 CCE Riders 27
24 Electric Eels 18
25 Flora and Fauna 13
26 RAD Bikers 7


First and Second Place team members will each receive an Ottolock Sidekick.  Ride your way to the top of the leaderboard and treat yourselves to a lightweight silicone protected u-lock!

Third Place team members will each receive a Hot Take beverage holder from Portland Design Works along with a handy water bottle just in time to keep you hydrated in warmer weather.  

Forming a team:

  • New teams, please fill out a team registration.
  • To participate, all team members need to register for ZAP* (that’s how we keep track of scores).
  • Team captains are in charge of registering a team and communicating roster changes to 
  • Team minimum: 4 members
  • Team maximum: 10 members 
  • Deadline for new teams or roster changes: May 12, 2023

Pro tip: Look for fun ways to encourage each other – it makes a difference! 

 How the bike challenge works:

  • The teams with the highest number of ZAPs* win!
  • You can each get 1 ZAP per day that you bike  - rain or shine and even on weekends!
  • More people = more ZAPs for your team.
  • In the event of a tie in team ZAPs, the team with the higher "inspirational" score wins (1 point for every “sometimes” rider, and 2 points for every “never” rider on that team)

*ZAP is the biking rewards program for the Corvallis Campus.  You can participate year-round, and spring is a great time to get started.