Terms and Conditions

  • By purchasing a parking permit, you are agreeing to comply with Oregon State University Standard 07-025.
  • Failure to follow state laws, OSU Standards or posted signs may result in fines, vehicle immobilization (boot), permit revocation or vehicle removal.
  • Parking permits are NOT valid at metered parking spaces. Meter hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space in a specific location.
  • Parking permits are not valid during OSU Athletics events. For Football Game Day information, please call Athletics at 541-737-7375.


NO REFUNDS are issued for Daily or Monthly permits. Term permit refunds are issued in limited circumstances.

Department Purchases

  • Permits purchased via index are not to be used for personally-owned vehicles per university policy. Permits may be assigned to university vehicles only.

Payroll Deduction(s)

  • Payroll Deductions are available as a pre-tax payment type for Term permits purchased by OSU Faculty and Staff and CGE-represented employees.
  • By selecting Payroll Deduction as your payment type you hereby authorize Oregon State University to deduct the appropriate amount from your payroll check(s).
  • Payroll deduction as a payment option is available for Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. Payroll is not an available payment option for Summer Term.
    • Fall Term deadline September 30. Deducted on October pay date.
    • Winter Term deadline December 31. Deducted on January pay date.
    • Spring Term deadline March 31. Deducted on April pay date.
  • By selecting Payroll Deduction as your payment type you agree to the following:
    • Pay any remaining cost of the parking permit that is not deducted from my payroll check(s).
    • I expect to receive a payroll check for the duration of my payroll deduction period.
    • If I leave/terminate OSU before the deduction occurs, I agree to pay any remaining balance.

Liability Disclaimer

Oregon State University does not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents when parked on university property. The university does not assume responsibility for damage to vehicles that are immobilized or towed.